Mildura Trivia, Quick Points, & Particulars

Trivia & Quick Points

  • Mildura means ‘red earth’ in Latje Latje.
  • Known as the center of Victoria’s Food Bowl, most of Australia’s dried fruit, grapes, citrus, almonds, pistachios, olives, carrots, and asparagus are grown in the Mildura region.
  • Mildura is part of the ‘fruit fly exclusion zone’; thus it is illegal to bring fresh fruits and vegetables from outside the region into Mildura. Random roadblocks are set up to detect violations, which can result in fines up to AUS $20,000.
  • The first wine grape varieties planted in Mildura included Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gordo and Shiraz, planted in 1888. The first vintage was established in 1891.

Geo Particulars

  • Language: English
  • Altitude: 50 m
  • Population (Mildura Rural City) ~60,000
  • Latitude/ Longitude: -34° -12′ , 142° 9′
  • City Calling code: 03
  • Currency: Australian dollar
  • Time Zone: UTC +10
  • Average Temperatures: 16°C in winter, 24°C in spring, 31°C in summer, and 23°C in fall